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Catatan Perjalanan Dakwah (3) - Inspirasi Dari Pengembaraan Ibnu Battuta


Melihat keindahan diluar dari kondo 2204 memberikan inspirasi untuk meneruskan penulisan ini. selepas mengambil sedikit ruang untuk berbicara dengan Allah. Mengadu dan memohon pada Nya yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Memakbulkan, catatan ini diteruskan.
Sambungan catatan perjalanan.

5. Ibn Battuta Mall

Sebelum perkongsian seterusnya, jom kita singgah ke web berkenaan dengan Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall :
Ini antara keterangan berkaitan dengan Mall ini:

"The Arab traveller and adventurer Ibn Battuta was a man of great vision and strong Islamic values. He set off to journey the world at the age of 20 and soon became acknowledged as a scholar and a man of great wisdom. Today Ibn Battuta Mall is the first shopping complex inspired by an individual’s life nearly six centuries after he embarked on his renowned journey.

Each region Ibn Battuta explored – Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China – is reflected in the architecture and theme of the mall’s six courts. These courts strongly project the historical and cultural richness of this Arabian icon’s life, serving as inspiration to all those who visit.

The mall possesses a unique multi-cultural atmosphere and a real sense of ease, thanks to the concept of retail zoning, whereby the zones are divided into four sections: Family & Convenience; Major Department Stores; Up-Market Brands & Lifestyles; and Entertainment & Leisure. With the knowledge that customers enjoy shopping in thematic environments whilst doing errands, sampling culinary delights and relaxing in general, we hope our customers will enjoy an inspiring and extraordinary experience at Ibn Battuta Mall."

6. Bukar Sekadar Tempat Membeli Belah

Ibn Battuta Mall ini bukan sekadar tempat membeli belah. Pelancong dan pengunjung pasti tertarik dengan keindahan dan kehalusan senibinanya. Walaupun dalam kumpulan kami ada beberapa ahli yang bukanlah kali pertama ke sini, Ibn Battuta Mall tetap memberikan ketenangan dan inspirasi. Kami singgah tempat-tempat bersejarah yang disediakan di Ibn Battuta Mall.

Ini adalah keterangan tentang 6 zon yang terdapat dalam Ibn Battuta Mall :
a. China CourtHome to the Entertainment Zone, China Court has the region’s first IMAX theatreand 21 cinema screens. For casual dining with the family, there’s a host of restaurant to choose from including Finz for Mediterranean cuisine and Pizza Express for Italian. The mall’s largest electronics store, Sharaf DG, is pure entertainment in itself, housing every imaginable electronic device and gadget.

b. India Court Showcasing the latest fashions, India Court is the place for those in search of classy boutiques, luxury brands and stylish stores. Outlets include Evisu, Bauhaus and the award-winning Ginger and Lace.

c. Persia Court The jewel in Ibn Battuta Mall’s crown, Persia Court is home to the dome, a captivating masterpiece which was hand-painted by a small group of talented artists. A host of distinguished stores have taken residence along her streets – the glamorous Paris Gallery, Debenhams and high-street favorites such as H&M and Forever 21. Take a moment to relax and enjoy a street-side coffee at Starbucks or Hediard and simply absorb the atmosphere and beauty of Persia Court.
d. Egypt Court Pyramids and fairy tales, hieroglyphics and temples, kings and queens – Egypt Court brings to life the wonder and romance of its ancient history and leads visitors on a journey of discovery. For books galore, there’s Magrudy’s. For gadgets and playtime, there’s The Toy Store. For outdoor pursuits, there’s Sun and Sands. And for children’s clothes and toys, there’s Mothercare. Be sure to take away the perfect gift after your travels of Egypt Court with a tailor-made piece of silver jewellery, engraved with Arabic Calligraphy.
e. Tunisia Court Blue skies and white fluffy clouds guide the way through 14th century inspired Tunisia Court. Here, you can let the kids enjoy a little time out at Fun City while you buy the weekly goods at Geant. Afterwards, why not follow the sensational aromas to one of Tunisia Court’s 16 international food outlets, where culinary delights await.
f. Andalusia Court Grand in style, convenient in design. Andalusia Court takes care of your everyday needs, be it a quickie hair cut or an impromptu bouquet of flowers for the one you love. The centre-piece of Andalusia Court is its magnificent Lion Fountain, inspired by the Fountain of Lions in Alhambra.

7. Inspirasi Dari Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta

Memang rugi untuk mana-mana manusia yang berjalan di atas muka bumi ini tanpa mengambil apa-apa pengajaran dari apa yang dilihat, didengar dan dirasai. Ibn Battuta Mall turut memberikan pengajaran dan inspirasinya yang tersendiri.

Berapa ramaikah generasi hari ini yang mengenali Ibn Battuta. Sejarah bukan sekadar untuk dihafal tarikh dan peristiwanya. Tapi ia untuk diambil pengajaran dan menjadi sumber inspirasi untuk kita mengikut jejak-jejak mulia dan kebaikan yang ditinggalkan.
Inilah antara pengkisahan tentang Ibn Battuta atau Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta.

"Ibnu Battuta - The great Traveller" - "To the world of today the men of medieval Christendom already seem remote and unfamiliar. Their names and deeds are recorded in our history-books, their monuments still adorn our cities, but our kinship with them is a thing unreal, which costs an effort of imagination."
How much more must this apply to the great Islamic civilization, that stood over against medieval Europe, menacing its existence and yet linked to it by a hundred ties that even war and fear could not sever. Its monuments too abide, for those who may have the fortunate to visit them, but its men and manners are to most of us utterly unknown, or dimly conceived in the romantic image of the Arabian Nights. Even for the specialist it is difficult to reconstruct their lives and see them as they were.
Histories and biographies there are in quantity, but the historians for all their picturesque details, seldom show the ability to select the essential and to give their figures that touch of the intimate which makes them live again for the reader. It is in this faculty that Ibn Battuta excels."
Thus begins the book, "Ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia andAfrica 1325-1354" published by Routledge and Kegan Paul (1).

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